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The Lavender Line steam railway is a completely voluntary organisation which is completely dependant on hard working volunteers who give up their spare time to help fulfil their dreams of running a steam railway. We always have plenty of vacancies at the Lavender Line and by joining us you could discover the excitement of preserving a real piece of history and gain a fascinating insight into the workings of a steam railway.


For some members, working at Isfield is highly therapeutic, and at a place where they can enjoy the sights and sounds of a steam railway. For others, the railway provides the chance to relive their childhood around steam engines. Either way, the Lavender Line can offer anyone of any age the opportunity to come and work at a real steam railway.

what is there to do?

Engine Crew

Being a steam railway, the Lavender Line is highly dependant on trained locomotive crews to ensure that the railway can achieve a high and safe standard of public service; and this is all down to the skills of the driver, the fireman and even the cleaner. Why not join one of our cleaners and experience working with a steam engine at first hand. By joining our locomotive crews and learning the ropes, perhaps you will fulfil your dream of becoming a real engine driver.

Drivers and Guards

There is one key member of personnel, who operates on the railway on any public running day, but who without them the train cannot even depart the station. This job is the train Guard.  A seemingly simple and humble, yet in truth, a highly responsible and important job which enables the train to make its departures. By waving the train off, checking tickets and ensuring the safety of your passengers, the guard is the one person who is actually responsible for the whole train!

Driver & Passenger Guard

 Goods Guard

Passenger Guard


Some of the more quick thinking jobs at the railway have got to be in amongst our catering staff.

So if you enjoy serving customers and love to soak up the atmosphere of a steam railway in a warm cosy environment,a job in our catering department could well be for you.

Permanent Way

Being part of the permanent way team at the Lavender Line doesn’t just involve cutting a few hedges and mowing the grass, it involves a wide range of line side work, including track maintenance and repair and some major vegetation clipping!

Some members find this area of work one of the more therapeutic and enjoyable as the majority of line side jobs involve working at the far end of the line where you can enjoy the quiet atmosphere and peaceful surroundings of the beautiful Sussex countryside