Being situated in the heart of the East Sussex, Isfield is one of the most stunning and beautiful places to sample the simple delights of the open countryside. From the train you will have the opportunity to view the local wildlife which includes fallow and roe deer, foxes, badgers and even owls in broad daylight!

Along with these beautiful animals a very common sight at the far end of the line is the small population of birds of prey, such as kites and buzzards that can often been seen hovering over the open fields waiting for the opportunity to strike their prey.

With these fantastic opportunities to view the countryside, why not try one of the many beautiful local walks in the area after a day out at the Lavender Line. One of these can take you to fine viewing points at the end of the line for fantastic views and photographic opportunities where you can capture the sounds and the sights of a steam railway whilst soaking up the quiet atmosphere of the countryside.