Operational Diesel Engines

Wickham Railbus

In late 2008 the Lavender line had a new arrival which would join the railways fleet of motive power, this came in the form of a Wickham Railbus which was brought privately and transported to Isfield to provide the public with another form of motive power on off-peak running days. This very unique looking vehicle was the subject of an experiment by the Derby technical centre in the midlands as a laboratory in testing ,comfort, performance and the abilities in which a rail bus can carry out. Fitted with onboard track recording equipment she spend most of her life staying local to Derby and carried on as a testing facility for many years.

She’s powered by a Meadows Diesel engine with an onboard auxiliary motor for the track testing equipment, this enables the 28 seat vehicle to carry a steady pace for the public and she can often be seen on off peak days and half term specials.