Around Isfield Station

The Train Ride

The main reasons why people visit the Lavender Line are to enjoy the sights and sounds of a steam railway whilst taking in the atmosphere of a beautiful countryside station.

The train ride takes you on a 2 mile round trip from Isfield station to the open countryside near Little Horsted. Although there is no station at Little Horsted the train usually waits at the end of the line for the public to enjoy the beautiful views and sights of the Sussex countryside.

Trains usually depart every half an hour from platform 2 between 11.00 till 4.30 with each trip lasting about 20 minutes. This gives just enough time for the viewing public to enjoy the train ride whilst soaking up the atmosphere of a steam railway. Every effort is made to ensure that steam is the main motive power throughout the year but due to high running and maintains costs the steam engines may only appear once or twice on the off peak season such as in the winter, although a full steam service is provided during our Santa Special services.

When not running steam, we will then use a diesel locomotive to provide train rides. This could be one of our powerful heavy diesel shunters, or our well known Hampshire “Thumper” unit or perhaps even our unique Wickham railbus.