Future Plans

Second Running Line

Although the Lavender Line has one main running line which runs from the station to little Horsted there is a section of the line which parallels with the shorter second running line. This section of the railway only travels for quarter of a mile from the station limits to the overhead bridge but provides the railway with the opportunity to store wagons, loco’s and rolling stock away from the station and out of the way.

This section of the line is rarely used on passenger running days, although in the past it has been used in shunting demonstrations and brake van rides on special events such as goods train weekends. It’s hoped that in the near future similar events will reoccur to enable the public to enjoy the sights and sounds of yard shunting. This second running line has proved to be an important asset within the railway and therefore a decision has been made to make plans into extending the line for a further few hundred yards to the former cattle crossing.

This will enable the remaining rolling stock and loco’s to be moved further up the line making way for future opportunities to carry out demonstration shunting duties and even driver for a fiver experiences along the second running line.