Operational Diesel Engines

Ruston Hornsby “Valiant”

After the departure of the Lavender Line’s resident steam engine in 2008 the railway had decided to purchase a powerful diesel loco which was fresh from network rail with the funds from selling Blackie. This is where our Ruston Hornsby 0-6-0 diesel hydraulic Valiant steps in as one of the railways newest additions to the locomotive fleet, she was built in 1961 as a heavy duty shunter and is very capable of pulling extremely heavy loads over short distances, very much like a small industrial steam engine but just a lot more economical!

When she rolled out of the factory she was identified as number RH459517 of which was carried for many years as the loco changed hands from private to network rail. She was later renumbered as MOD 422 whilst she was working for the Ministry of defence.

422 didn’t retire from network rail until late 2008; at this point the Lavender Line had managed to secure her and she finally arrived at the railway in April 2009. After a full safety check over and a good clean she was immediately placed into service to relive the strain of our resident diesel shunter Planet. Although she does not carry Vacuum brakes for passenger trains she can carry out light passenger duties and shunting movements until new vacuum brakes are fitted in the very near future.