Operational Diesel Engines

0-4-0 Planet

This humble looking 0-4-0 Diesel shunter was purchased by the Lavender Line Preservation Society in 2004 and is one of the railways own locomotives. She’s an air cooled chain driven diesel mechanical loco built during the mid 1960’s, although her history is very limited we do know she didn’t have a too rough of a life due to the good condition of the locomotive when it arrived late 2001.

Planet has been the railways work horse for a number of years due to the reliability of her and how economical she can run, up to very recently Planet was the only working diesels at the railway which meant she had not only the duties of morning shunts but active duties on passenger trains during quieter periods.

In 2006 she was repainted in a bright blue colour scheme a received a minor overhaul to ensure she caries on being a reliable and economical loco in the railways Locomotive fleet. Planet can sometimes be seen on off-peak running days as a substitute to steam or one of our other diesels Valiant.