Future Plans

Miniature Railway on Platform 2

One of the latest projects in the pipeline at the Lavender Line is the construction of a small 5 inch gauge railway on the grass verge area located on platform 2 which would run parallel with the platform and as far as the family picnic area situated by the water tower. Although this may only be 40 or 50 metres long it will give an additional attraction at the Lavender Line and give the visiting public a chance to ride behind both 5 inch gauge steam and the real thing!

This idea for a 5 inch gauge railway came about after the railway paid a visit to the nearby recreation park railway Beech Hurst in 2009 where a fully operational 5 inch gauge railway is open most weekends from the spring until the autumn allowing the public to enjoy a ¾ mile trip around Beech Hurst grounds! After both railways meeting up and both enjoying a day trip out to either railway many of the Lavender Line members joined with Beech Hurst and have taken yearly trips to the railway ever since.

Although this idea is still in the very early stages there are plans to run a temporary railway long the same site during the summer months until a static 5 inch gauge line can be laid. These little steam engines can never be underestimated; even one of the smallest 5 inch gauge steam engines will quite happily pull 4 to 5 passengers at a very adequate speed!