Station at Little Horsted

One very exciting prospect at the Lavender Line is the idea of having a small station halt at the end of the line. This idea was once briefly taken up when the former owner David Milham placed a small halt at the end of the line and named it Dingle Dell; this very small temporary halt didn’t last and was eventually taken away.

Today there are plans in the pipe line to build a small halt at the far end of the line which will enable passengers to alight and enjoy the surrounding Sussex countryside. The one major problem with this plan is the work that would need to be done before the station is built such as line-side fencing and a picnic area, but this issue is more time consuming than money due to the length of the fencing from the station to the public crossing.

The major advantage of building a station would be that passengers could alight at Little Horsted and perhaps enjoy a picnic in the open countryside whilst watching the train taking its trips before hopping back on the train for the return journey back to Isfield.