Disability Access statement

Any visitors with disabilities are well catered for at the Lavender Line, from 2006 a brand new disabled toilet was built to accommodate wheelchairs users and their carers and many parts of the railway are easily assessable to allow anyone with disabilities to travel around the site without any hassle.

Due to major restrictions on some of our trains special arrangements must be made beforehand to allow anyone with wheelchair usage to travel on board.

The Cinders Buffet has a double opening door which enables anyone with a wheelchair to pass through the entrance with ease. Chairs can be moved around to allow easier access to any of the tables.

The Model railway has a very accessible ramp which leads into the goods shed and is raised to the perfect eye line of any wheelchair users. Along with both the viewing area and the play area 80% of the site is easily accessible to anyone with disabilities.

Unfortunately the Signal Box located on platform 2 cannot be accessed by any wheelchairs, this is due to the very high steps leading to the signal box itself and because the building is classed as a grade 2 listed original Victorian Signal Box we cannot undertake any work that could disturb the listed building.