Conservation Project

The Lavender Line Conservation Project started in the spring of 2007 when the railway was approached by a special disability group to investigate how they could become involved in a project at the railway in which they could take part. After their first visit, the group who comprised of many children with learning difficulties, planned the Lavender Line’s first conservation project in which not just themselves but the public can enjoy a part of the railway where the sights and sounds of the beautiful Sussex countryside can be appreciated in peace.

An appropriate area of the railway was chosen by the team and work began almost immediately on the neglected viewing area which lies at the top of the path past the engine shed. Due to being a good 5 minute walk from the station this area of the railway had always been difficult to keep neat and tidy but over the spring and summer of that year the railway’s prayers were answered when the conservation group took it upon themselves to re-construct a special area where the local wildlife can really be appreciated. After months of hard work by the group the project was finally finished with plenty of evidence to show how their handy work had paid off.

· A new shed was constructed, the inside has been decorated out with wildlife posters and what to look out for

· A new brick built BBQ for members during the summer

· A complete clearance of vegetation to allow flowers such as Bluebells and daffodils to grow with ease

· New bins to help keep the area clean

This area is still a beautiful place to visit when at the railway, although the conservation shed is only open during the spring and summer months due to weather conditions.

A big thank you to the group who designed and built this conservation area.