BCK Mk 1 Coach:

This coach was purchased by the Lavender Line some years ago and has under gone several repaints and repairs to the condition its in today. These coaches were introduced as a brake coach which can substitute several compartments enabling 3rd to 1st class to be situated within the coach itself. After many years of carrying no passengers it was decided in 2006 to convert the coach into a children’s party carriage due to the size of the guard’s compartment and seating area available. Although it’s static most of the time it can be used to form our three coach dining train which can often be seen on bangers and mash nights or private functions.

Mk 1 Buffet Car:

This coach is also owned by the Lavender Line and has been the most useful coach in means of holding private events along with wine and dines. With seating for over 30 people and a fully licensed on board bar this makes the buffet coach the perfect place to hold special events, over the years its catered for big events from weddings to diamond wedding anniversary’s.

108 trailer Unit:

This coach was drafted in late 2008 to substitute the railways TSO Mk1 which was sold due to heavy corrosion, it’s on hire until the foreseeable future and can regularly be seen paired with the railways shark brake van and one of our steam engines providing passengers with the unique view of watching what the driver can see!

GWR Toad Brake Van:

This Great Western brake van was brought by David Milham in the early 1980’s and has been a resident at Isfield ever since. Mr Milham placed 3 sets of windows in the brake van to enable passengers to enjoy the views and with its outside compartment the Toad gives passengers the opportunity to enjoy the smell and sounds of a steam railway in the open air. With a stove fire place inside it’s a popular choice in the winter months as a carriage due to the fact it provides its own heat whilst running.

Shark Brake Van:

The railway’s second brake van is a heavy duty vehicle which very rarely sees’s passenger use due to the flat spots on the trailing wheels. Although it’s not used very often this brake van is a very useful part of the dining train due to the vacuum bake abilities and its heavy hand brake.