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MAKE: Diesel Electric Multiple Unit (DEMU) Unit No 1133. Nicknamed as THUMPERS
BUILT: Eastleigh/Ashford Works 1962
ENGINE: English Electric 4SRKT @ 600BHP Fitted with Napier MS200 Turbo Charger
GENERATORS: Main Generator English Electric Type 824/1B 6-pole, rated @ 330 Kw 600 Amps @ 550 Volts DC
Aux Generator English Electric Type 906/1B 6-pole, rated @ 13.3 Kw 147 Amps @ 90 Volts
TRANSMISSION: 2 x English Electric Type EE507 Traction Motors rated @ 250hp (190kw) each
CONFIGUARATION: 1 x Driving Motor Brake Second Open (DMBSO) Coach No 60151 based at: The Lavender Line
1 x Driving Trailer Composite (DTC) Coach No 60832 based at: The Lavender Line
1 x Trailer Second Open (TSO) Coach No 60678 based at: Cold Norton Essex
HEATING: Electric Train Heating (ETH)
Southern Region: (Berkshire, Hampshire, Sussex, Surrey & Kent)
WITHDRAWN: December 2004
N.B: The unit was withdrawn from service in December 2004, purchased by The Lavender Line Preservation Society in the same month.